MediaMonks Campaign
Another brilliant and epic MediaMonks campaign
was born to celebrate their 10 year anniversary
and what better way to celebrate it there than letting
everyone know how awesome we are by taking over a
entire issue of the Emerce. Yes! a magazine take over
were i had the opportunity to create some awesome
visuals for
  • A lot people were asking about the visuals but all i could answer was: It's for a magazine.. Even when i started working on this visual i really did not know what the purpose was. I knew it was for the MediaMonks 10 year anniversary campaign. This campaign was about "breaking the vow of silence".

    After 10 years of practice, the MediaMonks left their temple to rule the world.
    Now it's time for MediaMonks to shine and show what they can do. To let everyone know how awesome we are, MediaMonks came up with a campaign that made sure every company in this branch will know who and what Media-monks can do.

    They came up with the first print takeover of the Media magazine "Emerce". This was a smart thing to do since the Emerce is a well known magazine, plus a lot of other agencies got the magazine by mail.
  • The funny thing was that this whole campaign was a secret campaign untill the 28th of January 2011. Nobody knew Mediamonks took over an entire issue of the Emerce. Other agencies were expecting to receive a regular Emerce issue but instead they had to read how awesome MediaMonks are.

    My top secret assignment was to create some visuals with the new 3d Monk. These visual had to represent the ways of becoming a true MediaMonk. Gin Roberscheuten (main creative art director) was in charge of the operation and asked Vincent van de Wetering to draw some kind of leading storyboard. Me and Gin took the storyboard and recreate is with realistic surroundings and epic sceneries. The 3D Monks were made by Aljen Hoekstra, Nanda van Dijk and Arjen Klaverstein and later put into the realistic visuals.
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    • Mediamonks
    • photomanipulation
    • 2011
    • Gin Roberscheuten
      Vincent van de Wetering
      Aljen Hoekstra
      Nanda van Dijk
      Arjen Klaverstein
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