The Match-O-Tron
The Match-O-Tron is a online game quiz
starring Victor Frankenstein as the mad scientist.
He will try and calculate if you and your partner are
a good match but the main idea behind this campaign
is to let people know they should do a SOA (STD) test
before you and your partner have unsafe sex
  • The Match-o-Tron is a spin off from the soaids campaign against soa's and aids (sexually transmitted disease..STD). The commercial is about Frankenstein and Sally who want to have sex without a condom. Frank is hesitating because his body is made out of different parts of people so he might have a soa. So he's suggesting a soa test. In an other scene we see sally who really wants frank but then they hesitate again because you can't see if someone has a soa. The idea and message behind it is to take a soa test before you have sex without a condom.

    The Match-o-Tron is a online game quiz featuring the creator of Frankenstein: Dr Victor Frankenstein. By doing the match-o-tron tests, a result is created wich will always be something like: you are a responsible person or take a soa test before you have unsafe sex. So basically the overal idea is still to take a soa test before having sex without a condom.
  • The game has a few question you have to answer so it can "generate" a result. Meanwhile Victor Frankenstein is giving advise or says something funny.
    The game uses video in flash and we hired the guy who plays victor Frankenstein in the commercial.

    The idea is you can upload your photo and it will be used in the game. The style is like the commercial, it has the dark creepy stormy lab.
  • additional information
    • client:
    • project type:
    • year:
    • credits:
    • photomanipulation
    • 2011

      Art direction:

      Jeroen van der Meer
      Jouke Vuurmans


      Kjegwan Leihitu
      Jouke Vuurmans

      Motion Design/3D:

      Aljen Hoekstra
      Rogier Schalken
      Arthur Dam
      Wouter Twillert
      Michiel Andrea

      Account :

      Ingeborg van Ettinger

      Project Manager:

      Wouter Smit


      Tim ruiters
      Thijs Broerse
      Arjan van Wijk


      Wouter Twillert


      Maarten Meussen


      Peter Slump


      Steven boegborn
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Match-o-Tron backround
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