Glimpse of
Glimpse of
You call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye. Lyrics from
The last resort by the Eagles. A glimpse of a beautiful
setting maybe even a glimpse of
paradise. As soon as it's called a paradise you
can kiss it goodbye because there are
always things or people who will find a way to
destroy something beautiful.
  • I still like to listen tracks from the Eagles. My dad used to play some of their songs and this is were my interest in the Eagles came from.

    I don't know why but i always seem to have a Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" album nearby. I could listen to this album all day long and eventually i would get some inspiration out of it.

    It was somewhere in 2009 and was listening to "The last Resort". I couldn't stop listening it because the way it was performed was simply brilliant. Don Henley puts a lot of feeling into this song and he's not singing about
  • how the west was found or won but how it got lost.

    For me.. the most beautiful parts of the song are the last few lines and conclusion of the song " They call it paradise, i don't know why.. you call some place paradise.. Kiss it goodbye".
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